Statistics about divelogs and the dives entered

divelogs was launched 5555 days ago and has 14919 logbooks today. that makes 2,69 new logbooks per day

The types of logbooks are as follow:
Public: 5461
Private: 6571
Public with password: 2887

1410510 dives have been entered until today, that makes 253,917 dives per day

Divided into the types of logbooks:
Public: 515378
Private: 567659
Public with password: 327471

The number of new dives entered is growing almost exponentially, the summer months are visibly generating more dives than the winter months:

Entered dives per year


The average maximum depth is 19,96 Meters, the average dive duration is 45,13 Minutes

The summer is obviously more popular for diving than the winter (What a surprise!):

Diving is becoming more and more poular (or is it just the logging?):

Who would have thought, that weekends are more popular for diving than weekdays?:

Hour of entry:


The recreational diving depths prevail clearly:

The durations also clearly show recreational diving values:

The users have uploaded 109396 pictures, that is only 0,078 pictures per dive...

For all, who state that diving was deeper, longer in colder water in "the good old days":
This can not statistically be verified in the 1410510 dives entered here...
(Only years were taken into account that provide at least 500 dives)

The average Max-depth, grouped by years:

The average dive duration, grouped by years:

The average water temperature at max. depth, grouped by years: