Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import dives from Excel?
Not directly from an Excel file, but you can use the Suunto Divemanager 1.6 Import, which expects a CSV file, which you can create from you Excel sheet.
The specification of the CSV file and a working example file with two dives can be downloaded here.
in the specification, mandatory fields are green, optional fields are orange and not imported values are red.
Bring your Excel data into the same structure as the example file and save as CSV.
Please make sure, that you stick to the formats from the example file. Durations are stored in seconds, keep textfields in quotes, use a period for decimal numbers, etc.
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Can I influence the number of the first dive?
Yes, go to "Settings" in the user menu after logging in and change the number of the first dive. All dives entered will then be counted upwards from that number, sorted by date and time.
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Why is my SAC not calculated?
For the SAC (Surface Air Consumption) calculation the following values are needed:
  • Duration
  • Start Pressure
  • End Pressure
  • Tank volume
  • Average depth

Die Calculation is as follows:
(start pressure-end pressure) * tank volume / ((average depth / 10) + 1) / minutes

Start Pressure: 200 bar
End Pressure: 50 bar
12 liter Tank
Average depth: 15 meter
Duration: 60 Minutes

(200-50) * 12 / ((15 / 10) + 1) / 60 = 12 liters per Minute

If one of the above values is missing, the SAC can not be calculated
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Why is not all data imported by the UDCF import?
UDCF was invented to exchange dive data between different programs for decompression calculation purposes. Since buddies, weights, memos and other fields from logging programs are not relevant for decompression calculations, they did not get any fields in the UDCF-specification and can therefore not be imported.
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Why does the import function tell me, that certain dives have been skipped?
divelogs checks if a dive already exists, based on the date and time. If you have several dives on the same date and didn't enter a time, divelogs will think that these dives are the same. You can avoid this by giving all your dives distinct date-time-combinations
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How can I add buddies?
Go to you buddies logbook and click on "invite as buddy" on the right in the top image.
A searchable list of all public logbooks can be found here to search for your buddies.
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My dive computer is not supported, what can I do?
Try Diving Log under Windows or Subsurface on any operating system.
Both programs can download from a great variety of dive computers and can upload dives to divelogs
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How can I upload images and videos to my dives?
When logged in, you will have a link "manage pictures / videos" under every dive. You can upload up to 10 pictures per dive and attach any number of videos.
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Why does my tank have many thousand liters and the pressures have many thousand bars?
This can happen, if you import Divemanager 1.6 logbooks into Divemanager 2.
It is a bug that Sunnto is informed about and results from regional windows settings (if they are not set to english).
Go to control panel -> regional settings and switch to english before importing from Divemanager 1.6 to 2.
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Why don´t I see profiles in my logs?
Profiles are only generated, if you import your logbook from one of the supprted programs. A manual entry of a profile is not possible.
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Why is there something missing in my profile?
The profile has a maximum duration of 7.5 hours. Longer dives make the profile so unreadable, that any sample exceeding the divetime of 7.5 hours is cut off.
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A depth profile seems to be wrong
Please let me know which dive is affected and send me the file you imported. I will try to find the problem and fix it.
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Where can I get an interface for downloading dives from my dive computer?
You can always buy the original manufactureres interface, but they are usually very expensive. It is always worth looking for third party interfaces for your dive computer that are much cheaper and mostly work as good as the originals. There are also some DIY instructions for interfaces on the internet, that can easily be found using your favorite search engine.
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Which dive computers can I import my dives from?
Currently these are

* Diving Log 5.0
* Suunto Divemanager 1.6
* Suunto Divemanager 2.x und 3.0
* Suunto DM4
* Suunto DM5
* Uwatec DataTrak (oder WLog)
* Uwatec SmartTrak
* JTrak
* Scubapro LogTrak
* UDCF Logbücher
* JDiveLog
* Cressi PCLogBook
* Mares I.R.I.S. / DRAK
* Mares Dive Organizer
* Mares Divers Diary (Mac)
* Oceanic Oceanlog
* Seemann AERIS USB 2.1.x
* Seemann AERIS Universal Downloader und XP5
* (Mac)Divelog
* iPhone Dive Log (Mac)
* Reefnet Sensus Manager
* Subgear Dive.Log
* Mac Dive 2
* Subsurface
* (Android) Dive Log
* Liquivision dive Logger
* Shearwater Desktop
* Atomic Aquatics Logbook

More formats may follow in the future

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Why does the import function tell my the file seems to be incorrect?
This can happen, if your logging software exported your dives incorrectly. It has come up with the Suunto Divemanager 1.6. Look into the main CSV file and check if there is a line with missing values (ex. no date where there should be one). Delete this line and try again.
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Why are special characters displayed as weird signs?
This happens, if you choose ASCII instead of ANSI in the Suunto Divemenager 1.6 export. Please export again and choose CSV ANSI.
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Do my personal details get handed over to someone?
No data is passed on to anyone else. Only your username and your dives are displayed (if your logbook is public).
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Why does the Surface interval seem to be wrong?
This can happen, if you are in the water between two dives. The dive computer may switch to dive mode for a moment and reset the counter for the surface interval, resulting in a shorter time than it really was.
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How can I edit a dive?
When logged in, you will have a link "edit dive" beneath each of your dives.
Easiest way is to click on any field in your single dive pages and to edit there directly.
Third possibility is to use the "quick edit" oage, where you can edit multiple dives in a table, similar to Excel
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How can I delete a dive?
When logged in, you will have a link "delete dive" beneath each of your dives.
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I miss something here, whom can I contact?
Please use the contact link in the bottom navigation to send me your ideas and constructive criticism. I will see what I can do.
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Why can´t I change my username?
Changing your username requires a lot of changes in the database and the file system. It is therefore not possible automatically. If you have a good reason why you can't use your old username, you can contact me and I will change it by hand
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Why do I have to supply a valid email address?
This is necessary for password resets, in case you forgot yours. Also, it helps to identify your user account in case you contact me about your user account
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How can I delete my account completely?
Please send me a message including your username an password. I hope this won't happen though :-)
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What does using cost?
Nothing. I wrote divelogs as a "fun-project" and decided to open it to anyone. You would of course help me handle the server rent, if you choose to donate :-)
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