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Mark Gosling
Cardiff, Wales

Total dives: 1449

Overall dive duration: 38Days:16h:17m:40s
Average duration of dive: 0h:38m:26s
Longest dive: 2h:12m:0s
Average max. depth: 18.4 m
Deepest dive: 65.2 m
Coldest dive: 4°C
Warmest dive: 29°C

01.06.2010 Diver Coxwain Assessor (BSAC)
01.01.2010 Boat Handling Instructor (BSAC)
01.09.2009 Nitrox Instructor (BSAC)
01.08.2009 Trimix Diver (TDI)
01.06.2008 Advanced Instructor (BSAC)
01.06.2007 Open Water Instructor (BSAC)
01.05.2007 Theory Instructor (BSAC)
01.11.2006 Assistant Instructor (BSAC)
01.09.2006 Advanced Diver (BSAC)
01.10.2005 Dive Leader (BSAC)
01.06.2003 Sports Diver (BSAC)
01.02.2003 Ocean Diver (BSAC)

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