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Ian Leiman
Espoo, Finland

Total dives: 738

Overall dive duration: 24Days:23h:24m:11s
Average duration of dive: 0h:48m:43s
Longest dive: 2h:40m:0s
Average max. depth: 22.3 m
Deepest dive: 60.4 m
Coldest dive: 2°C
Warmest dive: 31°C

30.03.2013 Advanced Nitrox (TDI)
30.03.2013 Decompression Procedures (TDI)
30.03.2013 Extended Range (TDI)
30.03.2013 Trimix Diver (60m) (TDI)
06.04.2009 Nitrox Gas Blender (CMAS)
15.06.2008 P3 *** Master Scuba Diver (CMAS)
17.05.2007 Rescue Diver (PADI)
21.03.2007 Emergency Responder (PADI)
27.12.2006 Nitrox Diver (40%) (PADI)
31.07.2006 Adavanced Open Water Diver (PADI)
11.06.2006 Open Water Diver (PADI)

About me
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In Finland:
Drysuit DiveRite 905 with SiTech dryglove system and Bare hood, Ursuit Heavy undersuit. Steel double tanks 2x12/200 for Trimix, 2x10/200 for Nitrox with dual valves and manifold. Dual Apex-ATX100 regulators, Agir 56lbs wing. Alu-7L tanks for 50% and 100% deco. Shearwater Perdix AI computer, Suunto as backup. Torch: Nanight T2/15000lm LED. A selection of open heel fins.
In tropical waters:
wetsuits: short or long 3mm, long 7mm. Aqualung Zuma BCD, Single Apex-ATX100 reg. Closed heel fins.

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