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What will happen with the entered data?
Your address and name will be displayed in the PDF logbook, that only the logged in user can access. Personal data will not be displayed anywhere else. Only the * marked fields are mandatory.

Why do I have to enter a valid email?
Divelogs is not a commercial product and I don't earn a penny with it. I just want a valid email address from each user in case it is necessary to contact them. The address will not be given to anyone else. In addition, the email address is necessary for password resets.

Real names
I reserve the right to delete any registrations with nicknames instead of real names. Since divelogs is not a commercial product and i pay all the bills, I'd just like to know who you are.

Entitlement of use /data
There is no entitlement to the usage of divelogs and the data entered. I reserve the right to take this site offline at any time without prior notice. Registration does not establish a contractual relationship with me and there is no entitlement to the entered data.
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  • Public logs can be viewed by anyone visiting this site
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  • Public logs with password enables you to give the password to your buddys and letting them view your dives without letting the public see them. Interested people can ask you for the password via a form. Please be sure to choose a different password from your user password! Verified buddies can view your logbook without the password